Mobile Mission Monday: Put Your iPoll App to Work for Cash Rewards

Every kid knows that this is the time of year when all the hard work of “being good” is rewarded. Spend any time in a mall and you’re sure to hear a beleaguered parent warn, “You better behave or else Santa Claus isn’t going to come visit you.” As cruel as that might sound, it often proves to be quite effective. I’m actually looking forward to the day when I can make use of that edict. While our kids are working hard at being good, we’re all just working hard. Everything is building up to those glorious days off for the Christmas holiday. This year, Christmas falls on a Thursday so it will be very easy to pick up Friday as a day off and slide right into a long weekend. That will give us all plenty of time to play with our gifts! Along with the hours you’re putting in at your job, you can’t forget putting iPoll to work for you as well. Actually, when it comes to earning rewards, using your iPoll app to answer surveys is probably the easiest work you’ll ever do.


Visiting Santa

You better not cry, you better not pout... you know the drill. Image Source: Flickr user: Joel Kramer

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Written by Rick B.

December 8th, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Get Your Teen Smiling with These Holiday Gifts

You can track your child’s evolution by the photos taken with Santa. The first couple of years could be all about the tears and crying, especially if you have a baby who likes to squirm. Then when the kid gets older, you see a sense of reverence sets in. This is usually when they discover that Santa brings the toys. That reverence will last a few more years and then, poof! No more pictures with Santa. At that point, your kid has entered the teen years and you’ve got more to deal with than the annual Christmas photo! Thankfully, there is still a way to get your teen to smile on Christmas morning. Despite their efforts to be “cool,” they still like getting those presents. Luckily we have some gift ideas for the teens in your world:

Annual Santa Photo

This little guy is trying to decide if the man in the beard is friend or foe. Image Source: Flickr user U.S. Army

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Written by Rick B.

December 5th, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Make It Count: Special Gift Ideas for Grandparents

It’s time to get a little bit mushy. Grandparents are absolute treasures. If your grandma and/or grandpa are still around, then consider yourself lucky. If you’re a parent with kids, then you might feel that having your parents in their lives is essential. And you probably know that your parents have been waiting most of your life for you to have kids. Grandparents have absolute license to spoil those grandkids rotten. It’s best to just embrace that and move one. Finding the perfect gift for the grandparents depends a lot on whether you’ll be with them for the holiday. Let’s stipulate that a grandparent who lives far away needs the promise of a visit and soon. That can go a long way in the gift-giving department. But short of those travel plans, there are many other wonderful options for grandparent gifts.

Grandma's Christmas.

Happy grandma on Christmas morning. Priceless. Image Source: Flickr user Clinton Steeds

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Written by Rick B.

December 4th, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Don’t Forget Dad this Christmas: A Holiday Gift Guide for Fathers

Let’s give it up for the dads! Around Christmas time, dads are really the unsung heroes. They are the ones hanging the lights outside, often in the bitter cold. They are the ones keeping the fireplace stoked. They are the ones picking out the tree and making sure it fits in the corner. Come Christmas Eve, you’ll find plenty of dads working into the wee small hours as they attempt to assemble and build all manner of toys. That’s why you need to reward dad with a special gift. Yes, the standard array of slippers, ties, and bathrobes are good stocking stuffers, but this Christmas, let’s go the extra mile for Pops. We’ve covered Mom, and now you can take care of Dad with these cool gift ideas.

Ready For The Holidays

This is a house with a dad who loves Christmas! Image Source: Flickr user Peretz Partensky

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Written by Rick B.

December 3rd, 2014 at 12:40 pm

A Helpful Holiday Gift Guide for the Mothers in Your Life

There will come a time in every child’s life when they will agonize over what to get their mom for Christmas. Usually, that anxiety is matched by age. In other words, the older we get, the more difficult it becomes to find the perfect gift for the woman who made life possible. True story: I can recall one Christmas when I was a young lad and feeling the pangs of picking the perfect gift. I spent hours at the local gift shop trying to decide between a gold necklace or an angel figurine. I can’t remember what I settled on. That’s because my brother took an old watch and put in a Mason jar. He told my mom it was “Time in a bottle.” Guess who won Christmas that year? We can certainly help you make the season bright and merry for mom with these holiday gift suggestions.

Gifts Under The Tree

This is a fully loaded Christmas tree. Image Source: Flickr user Mike Fleming

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Written by Rick B.

December 2nd, 2014 at 12:31 pm

Mobile Mission Monday: Survey While You Shop, Earn on the Go

Show of hands: Who went shopping on Black Friday? More to the point, who followed our sage advice for Black Friday shopping? Hopefully you scored some amazing deals. Chances are that last weekend was just the beginning of your holiday shopping season. You might even be taking a break from Cyber Monday shopping to read this post. Good work! Tradition holds that on Cyber Monday, everyone who had a few days off over the Thanksgiving holiday is now back at work and shopping online. (I’m sure that is going over really well with the bosses!) The best thing about Cyber Monday shopping is being able to avoid all the crowds. It’s just you and your computer, clicking around looking for deals. Of course, you can also click over to the iPoll website to take on a few surveys. However, if you want to earn the big iPoll bucks, then you need to hit the streets again. Nothing says, “Cash in the wallet” like an iPoll Mobile Mission.

Shopping Online

Once the tree is up, let the cyber shopping commence! Image Source: Flickr user Mike McCune

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Written by Rick B.

December 1st, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Ready, Set, Shop! Your Black Friday Survival Guide

As we discovered with a recent iPoll quiz, most folks would love to spend their day off sleeping in. That practice goes against the shopping frenzy you find on Black Friday, as bargain hunters line up in the wee hours to score a deal. In some cases, they’ve been camping out for days, and planning for weeks. If you want to dive into the post-Thanksgiving shopping craze, then we’ve got your survival tips.

Tip #1: Do Your Homework

Because Black Friday is such a huge deal for the big retailers, they aren’t going to keep a lot of secrets. You should know far in advance exactly what amazing deals you’ll find at a particular store. Many have a “doorbuster” deal that is so insane that you just have to grab it. Word to the wise: that’s usually where all the fighting starts, so be on guard. You should also know that many door buster deals are with off-brand merchandise. In other words, you might not be getting the real goods. Instead, you need to get methodical with your approach to Black Friday Shopping. Make a list of the items for which you’re searching and find out who has the best deal. This is also the time to look for any online coupons for the stores at which you’ll be shopping. All of that should happen before you leave the house!

Lines At Best Buy

Are you ready for the holiday shopping madness? Image Source: Flickr user tshein

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Written by Rick B.

November 28th, 2014 at 10:07 am

Your Guide to Camping in Line for Black Friday Shopping

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling that you’ve missed out on something? Perhaps you’ve felt this way when everyone in the office is talking about who killed Sam on How To Get Away With Murder. Or you might experience this feeling if you miss out on a great Black Friday shopping deal. To ensure you’ll be first in line for those deals, you need to camp out. There are many die-hard shoppers who are already camping out at Best Buy. For these few, Black Friday is the Super Bowl of shopping. If you’re willing to brave the elements to score a super deal, then we’re here to help with some invaluable tips for camping out in line.

Lining Up For Black Friday

If you want the bargains, you've got to spend time in the line. Image Source: Flickr user djlicious

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Written by Rick B.

November 27th, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Wow Your Family

There is a reason the Academy Awards hands out a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. It’s because sometimes those co-stars deliver the most memorable moments in a film. That’s kind of how I feel about sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving. Yes, the turkey may be the star of the meal, but without the supporting side dish, it would just be a roasted bird. Where is the fun in that? Every family has their Thanksgiving side dish favorites. If those dishes don’t show up on Thursday, then there could be a revolt. I would suggest that you deliver those traditional favorites, but perhaps throw a new player into the mix. Who knows? The side dish you serve for the first time this year could become your next tradition!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

What side dishes will be starring at your Thanksgiving table? Image source: Flickr user atl10trader

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Written by Rick B.

November 26th, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Survey Says: What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more likely it is that we’ll start salivating (in a good way) in anticipation of our favorite meal of the year. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t automatically mean the meal will be perfect. Full disclosure: The first Thanksgiving turkey I prepared still had the plastic bag of giblets inside. Needless to say, it did not make for an appetizing bird. The lesson was learned and never repeated again. That’s the thing about having a bad meal-  you rarely go back for seconds.

There are some foods that, even when cooked properly, are still not appealing for many. Put liver and onions down for me in that category. Then there are the meals that were ruined by things far beyond the imagination. Recently, the iPoll quizmasters asked a simple question: “What was the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?” Over 3,000 iPollers responded. In honor of the perfect meal you’ll have on Thanksgiving, we present some of the highlights of the worst meals ever. “WARNING: Do NOT continue reading if you’re eating or have a sensitive stomach!”

Ready to Cook Octopus

Octopus: it's what for dinner. NOT! Image Source: Flickr user David Pursehouse

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Written by Rick B.

November 25th, 2014 at 12:16 pm