iPoll’s Top Five Baseball Records List

If there is one sport that has a lot of statistic hungry fans, it is baseball. You’ll often find the truly devoted making notes on scorecards as they watch the game from the stands. Of course, thanks to the dozens of MLB apps available, now you can keep score on your iPhone or iPad with very little room for error. So it was that 20-year baseball veteran Derek Jeter played his last game in Boston for the Yankees. It fits for him to end his career with a baseball rivalry that dates back to the beginning of the game itself. Best of all, the Boston fans showed their respect for Jeter with a standing ovation.

As stats go, Derek certainly was a powerhouse for the Yankees. He led them in career hits with an astonishing 3,465. He also racked up the number one spot for career doubles at 544, stolen bases at 358, at bats at 11,195 and games played at 2,747. Those are mighty impressive records by any standards. Naturally, any look back at such an illustrious career will have other fans of the game scrambling to get their trivia in line. iPoll is here to help with the top ten baseball records list.


At Bat

One of the great ones at bat: Derek Jeter. Image Source: Flickr user: Chris Ptacek


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Written by Rick B.

September 30th, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Monday Mobile Mission: Set a New Record for Cash Rewards

As the baseball season is winding down, the scorekeepers will be going over the stats to see what (if any) records have been broken this year. It’s always exciting for fans when a new home-run derby is fired up. When a major player like Derek Jeter retires, attendance records can get set at stadiums around the country. Everyone wants to turn out to honor such a solid player. The fact that he was able to play for 20 seasons at the top of his game is a record in and of itself. Here at iPoll, we love it when a record gets broken, whether it’s for baseball home-runs or iPoll rewards. In fact, we challenge every iPoller to break the record for most rewards ever earned. How close are you?

Cat Costume

OGC. Original Gansta Cat. Nuff said. Image Source: Flickr user pets advisor


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Written by Rick B.

September 29th, 2014 at 8:58 pm

iPoll’s Top Pick for a Foliage Show: Bangor, Maine

“With below average day time temperatures and very chilly nights over the past several days, northern Maine has seen the progression of color rapidly spreading throughout the forest canopies and hillsides in zones 6 and 7. The time is right for the spectacular viewing of why we love Maine in the fall,” said Gale Ross, Fall Foliage spokesperson on the Maine Foliage website. She was providing today’s update for the leave watching. Clearly, this is very serious business up in Maine and Bangor is right smack dab in the middle of all the action. You might think that a trip to Bangor would be a trip to Maine’s capitol, but you would be wrong. Augusta is the capital. Bangor is Maine’s biggest distribution hub, and that’s where the confusion comes from. While it may not be the capital, Bangor is iPoll’s top pick for a fall foliage show (and that’s no small deal!). Here’s what you can do in Bangor:

The House of Stephen King

You know this place has some ghosts. Image Source: Flickr user: Madeleine Holland


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Written by Rick B.

September 26th, 2014 at 7:37 pm

iPoll Takes a Hike through the Adirondacks

This week we’ve been exploring the best spots in the country to soak in the amazing sights of leaves changing colors, something that happens every fall. Obviously, you need to be where the trees are to get in on this action. Why not go to an entire region that is exploding with color? That would be the Adirondacks mountain range in upstate New York. The best spot for the foliage parade might be John Boyd Thacher State Park. This national park is located along the Helderberg Escarpment. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine as to where that is, but this seems to be the hot spot. If you’re not interested in pitching a tent here, then you have a choice of 100 towns and villages along the Adirondacks. We won’t list them all but instead offer the most popular spots for a fall vacation getaway.

Fall In the Adirondacks

This could be the view from your window this fall. Image Source: Flickr user lakeplacid.com

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Written by Rick B.

September 25th, 2014 at 11:31 pm

iPoll Suggests: Come for the Leaves and Stay for the Ice Cream in Burlington

I like to think of the perfect vacation spot as a temporary home-base. Yes, you should have all the amenities you need within striking distance of your hotel room. However, you should also be able to trek out to points unknown for a little exploration. When it comes to the changing leaves season, Burlington, Vermont is a great vacation home-base. There are only 42,000 plus residents in this town, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. More people will buy an iPhone 6 in the first few hours of sales than live in Vermont. Although you can head out from Burlington for fall adventures, you’ll also find a lot do in town. Here’s what you can’t miss:

Church Street, Burlington

Small town life in Vermont during the fall. The definition of perfect. Image Source: Flickr user: Michael Whitney


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Written by Rick B.

September 24th, 2014 at 9:55 pm

iPoll Goes West for Great Fall Colors in Portland, Oregon

Fall is a great time for a road trip. The only caveat is you need to travel where there are trees. This is the time of year where leaves change color in anticipation of dropping off their tree host. The result is a kind of arbor firework display that shouldn’t be missed. When most folks think of changing fall colors, they think of New England. We’ll get there this week but first you should think about going west or as I like to call it, “home.” There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to see the trees do their thing. Case in point, Portland, Oregon. Mark these Portland destinations on your itinerary.


Trout Stream

Beware the cutthroat trout of Forest Park. Image Source: Flickr user: wittco.gmbh


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Written by Rick B.

September 23rd, 2014 at 7:49 pm

Mobile Army Monday: Kick Off a New Season with Cash Rewards

Summer was so last week. Literally. It ended last week. This week, we welcome fall to our calendars, which means we have the opportunity to see the annual foliage color show. Although summer is the traditional vacation time, from a visual perspective you can’t beat fall. We’ll spend the week exploring those hot zones for changing leaves. While you consider the possible road trips and fresh baked pumpkin pies (can’t happen soon enough), you should also be stepping up your iPoll Mobile Mission game because iPoll is definitely stepping up theirs.


Leaves Changing

The annual nature color show is up and running. Image Source: Flickr user: Michael Gil

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Written by Rick B.

September 22nd, 2014 at 7:06 pm

iPoll Takes a Bite Out of New Food Trends

Scientific fact: You can’t go to a restaurant with another person without someone asking, “What are you going to get?” Even if you avoid the question, your companion is sure to ask. This has to do with our innate curiosity about food. We want to know if we’re missing out on something tasty. The solution to this is to order two separate entrees and share. Of course, if you have sharing issues then you’re going to miss out on some potentially great foods. As with fashion, television, cars, music and movies there are also food trends. These can be individual items like deep-fried something from the county fair or even a new way of cooking. In an effort to keep iPollers on the cutting edge of all trending topics, we present the latest in food trends:

Food Mashup

Does dessert get any better than this? No, it doesn't. Image Source: Flickr user: CCFoodTravel.com


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Written by Rick B.

September 19th, 2014 at 7:14 pm

iPoll’s Throwback Thursday: What Was Trending Before the Internet?

Every once in a while, I like to play, “How did I survive without this?” If you’re old enough to remember the day before cell phones, then you’ll remember how important it was to carry change around with you so you could make a call at a payphone. When was the last time you saw a payphone — other than at the airport? I fondly remember a time several years ago when a friend invited me over to see this new device called a TiVo. My reaction, “Me want.” Last week, my microwave was on the fritz, and I had to go five days before I had a replacement installed. I survived, but I can’t imagine living without a cell phone or a DVR. This brings us back to trending topics. (It does!). How did we know what was a trend before the Internet. Right now, Scotland and a bunch of football players are trending (the latter for all the wrong reasons). If you wanted to know what was trending way back in the pre-Internet days, you would have had to take to the streets. Yes, that would mean actually talking to people.


Dr. Who Creatures

Watch out behind the sofa! Image Source: Flickr user: Chad Kainz


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Written by Rick B.

September 18th, 2014 at 7:18 pm

iPoll’s Preview of the New iPhone 6

If you want to see some fine examples of capturing the trending topics list, look no further than Apple. True story: this week’s topic is all about trends, as you’ve probably already guessed. Today’s post is all about the new iPhone. Before writing, I checked in with Google Trends. Top trending topics? “When does the iOS 8 come out?” Coincidence? I think not. Just another prime example of how I’m in complete sync with the universe. Plus, everyone is talking about the new iPhone 6, so it’s not much of a stretch. As of this writing, there are upwards of four million online pre-orders for the new iPhone 6, and we’re still just a few days from the phone being sold in stores. Yes, they are already lining up outside the Manhattan Apple store. In fact, there has been a line since September 5th. Talk about dedication to a trending product. To help you decide if the new iPhone is the iPhone you should have iPoll has rounded up some specs.

First to Buy New iPhone

Must have iPhone. Must stand in line. Image Source: Flickr user: Andre Charland


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Written by Rick B.

September 17th, 2014 at 8:59 pm